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We appreciate that the acquisition of a vessel for your business is an extremely important investment in your business and requires and sourcing the best finance package available is essential.

Most types of charter and commercial vessels, both new and used, sail and power can be financed through a variety of lenders (subject to their lending criteria)  we can take care of all the arrangements for you, easily, so you can concentrate on your running your business not running around organising finance.

Our consultants will get straight to work on getting you to work with your commercial vessel, we appreciate when business people say they need their deal asap and we have designed an easy process to meet your demands.

There are a range of finance options available for business purchases and your broker will discuss your requirements and explain, in simple terms, which one is best for your budget and cash flow planning.

Your final decision will be based on well-founded information and a lot of hard work by our marine expert who spend the time to assess your specific requirements and match these with the most suitable finance options.

The three main options when purchasing a vessel for business purposes are:

  • Chattel Mortgage – More Info
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Leasing

Choosing which suits you depends on factors such as the accounting method you utilise for your business, how you handle the GST on the vessel and other variations.

We have provided an overview of each of these options here but we advise that you seek greater details from our consultants over the phone and, if possible, seek an opinion from your business advisor or accountant.


With a chattel mortgage, the finance company advances you the money to buy the vessel, you take ownership of the vessel (known as chattel) at the time of purchase and the financier effectively takes a ‘mortgage’ over the boat as security for the loan and you make the monthly repayments to pay off that mortgage (loan).

Chattel mortgages are usually set up over 12 to 60 months with a residual (balloon) payment which is payable at the end of the period and which reduces your monthly repayments. When you have paid all the monthly repayments and the pay-out figure, you have full ownership of the vessel and the financier removes the security over the loan.

This option is suitable for those who use a cash method of accounting; some or all of the GST can be claimed; tax deduction is available when the boat is used for business purposes. Please refer to the ATO website for more details.


Under a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)  arrangement, the financier effectively purchases the goods on your behalf then hires it back to you over a set period of time.

You take actually possession of the vessel at the time of purchase, you make the fixed monthly repayments, pay out any residual at the end of the agreement at which time you then take ownership.

CHP may suit those who account for GST on either an accruals or cash basis.


There are a range of leasing packages available, where the vessel is used for predominately business purposes.

Under a lease arrangement, you will have full use of the vessel from the time of purchase and repay the finance company the fixed monthly payments but the financier actually retains ownership of the vessel. That is, you are effectively leasing the boat from the financier, then at the end of the leasing contract when all payments and the residual is paid out, you take full ownership.

There may be GST and FBT implications associated with leasing so we do recommend you discuss these options in detail with your accountant to make an informed decision.

We en devour to provide you with updated and correct information. We do always recommend checking with the appropriate taxation specialists before making your decision on commercial boat loans.

We want to get you working and making money from your new business use vessel asap.

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