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Congratulations, you’ve found the boat you want to purchase. We’ll get you on the water quickly with our amazing easy marine finance process.

Whoever said life wasn’t meant to be easy hadn’t discovered us, where boat finance is definitely easy.

Easy Quote. Easy Application. Easy Processing. Easy Approval.

Whatever the boat of your dreams – luxury cruiser, runabout, sports fisher, tinnie, jetski, yacht, commercial vessel, houseboat – we’ll turn your boating dream into reality, easily and cheaply, with a pleasure craft deal to suit you.






Cheap & Easy Boat Loans

Organising your finance is easy with us: straight forward, straight up, no haggling necessary.

We ensure the process is easy and quick by using our extensive resources within the industry to secure and offer you the best deal we can, on your request.

Loan and finance deals that are easy to arrange at the cheapest prices

Approved in as little as 20 minutes – Easy!


Comparing Boat Loan Deals

When comparing loan offers from other lenders with your quote we provide, make sure you are aware of all the factors in relation to the package as various financial institutions and lenders calculate lending based on differing factors

These may include the amount you are borrowing, over what you period you wish to repay the loan, your own credit rating and the age and type of pleasure craft you are purchasing

In order to make an informed decision on your loan, make sure you compare all aspects of the offer including service and how easy and fast it is to organise as well as the Boat Loan Interest Rate.

Is it going to be easy to get your loan sorted?

We make the entire process easy!

Yes, it’s an easy process and you can be assured of the highest quality of service as well as thoroughness and the ease in which we process our clients’ requests. We’ll handle all the arrangements as well as give you a great finance deal, easily and cheaply.

We assess all the options available through a range of lenders to present you with the best possible and cheapest package, easily.


Why select US?

We have over 17 years of experience in finance, during which time the company has become known and respected for acquiring great, cheap loans for its clients, easily.

Our experience and strong connections made over this period allows us to carefully select the best offerings from leading lenders and banks to package the best loans for our clients. We have the information to ensure the loan is structure for easier approval and allows is to offer our clients a finance product which is second to none, without delay, every time.

We’re not just experienced in the finance area, we also know what our clients want and we meet their expectations with our easy loan service.

A service which replaces the myriad of confusing issues which often come with organising marine lending, with an easy, streamlined procedure which is professionally steered by our highly qualified and personable consultants.

Our intention is to make it easy and hassle-free for you and that means handling extras for you such as title checks on private sale boats and insurance.



We will have you on the water cheaply & easily!

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New Boat Loans

From jetskis and runabouts to luxury cruisers, family sailing boats to racing yachts, to commercial vessels for charter, fishing or marine work, we will easily arrange a boat loan package for you.

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Used Boat Loans

Secure that great price on a used boat quickly and easily by eliminating the waiting time involved when dealing with banks and get fast, easy approval with Easy Boat Loans

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Commercial Boat Loans

We offer great value packages for all types of charter and commercial vessels, both new and used for use within Australian waters.

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Yacht, Sailboat, Houseboat Finance

Boats come in all sizes and types just like their buyers. Yachts, sailboats and even houseboats for those looking for an interesting lifestyle.

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Jetski Finance

Just as you have mastered the skill to maneuver your jet ski craft expertly through the water, We has mastered the skills to maneuver through the financve market.

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Marine Insurance

You’ve found the boat, you’ve finalised your marine loan  so your boating dreams are now becoming closer to reality. Just one more issue to attend to before you launch and that is to ensure you have marine insurance.